About Us


Thai Luxe Enterprises PCL was established in 1987 initially to import aquatic animal feed for distribution. Currently we are a manufacturer and distributor of aquatic animal feed both domestically and abroad.
We concentrate in business development through our strategy, which keep perform manufacturing and distributing of aquatic animal FEED by divided into 2 main lines, the shrimp feed production line and fish feed production line, addition with FARM business for expansion of business opportunity by culturing fish farm of red tilapia (PlaTubthim), Our goal is to grow the business steadily. We also are producing. Pet food To spread risk Dependence on aquatic feed alone. With process standard food safety.
Also, we do not stop to drive new business in the future. The production of electricity from geothermal energy in Beppu, Oita, Japan, on behalf of TLUXE Power Limited. 


Thai Luxe Enterprises PCL is the manufacture and distributor of aquatic animal feed for shrimp and fish. The factory manufacturesthe feed in complete cycle, starting from the procurement of raw materials, production and distribution. The production line is divided into two main production lines, namely:

Shrimp Feed Production Line
– Phetchaburi Province Plant : Production capacity of 80,400 tons per year.
– Songkhla Province Plant : Production capacity of 60,000 tons per year.

Fish Feed Production Line
– Phetchaburi Province Plant : Production capacity of 79,200 tons per year.
– Songkhla Province Plant : Production capacity of 30,000 tons per year.

For the new plant in Songkhla province, it is an expansion of the production base to accommodate the breeding areas in the southern region. The new plant is still under construction and in the course of machine installation. It is estimated that the new plant will be ready to go into production in the 1st quarter of 2014.
Throughout the period of its business engagement, the Company had consistently and progressively developed and improved its manufacturing standard. The Company had been awarded the ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 from United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Limited, as well as the awarding of the GMP and HACCP Certificates.

Key principal products are
– Shrimp feed : Black Tiger Prawn, White Vannamei Shrimp, Water Prawn
– Fish feed : Catfish, Nile Tilapia, Sea bass, Gourami Fish, Pla Salid
– Other aquatic animal feed : Soft Shelled Crab, Frog
– Pet Feed : Cat, Dog

The finished aquatic animal feed pellets are mainly distributed through distribution agents to shrimp and fish farmers in every area throughout the country, and some are distributed directly to the farmers who are the owner of the farm or farmers who are grouped into a farmers’association or farmers’ cooperative.
The company is the first aquatic animal feed manufacturer who has been awarded GMP and HACCP before the government announced the year 2004 as the “Year of Food Safety.” In every single production process, we are attentive and we control inevery stage starting from the selection of quality raw materials, the production with high and modern technology to ensure consistent quality aquatic animal feed in accordance with the established standard. Moreover, the operation of Research and Product Development Department to develop aquatic animal feed formula to ensure healthy growth for aquatic animals, creating confidence for the farmers.


The principal concept of running the farm business, we focus on good research and development through t he application of technical know-how and technologies to prevent epidemic disease in aquatic animals. An emphasis is placed on Biotechnology Farming method, avoiding the use of drugs and chemicals for sustainable breeding of aquatic animals including laying down the system for prevention of contamination of various diseases and carrier animals which causes infection of the disease which can cause damage to bio-security production. Incidentally, besides the emphasis on the research and development for healthy growth of the aquatic animals, the Company can also benefit commercially as the Company would distribute aquatic animals to shrimp piers, fish piers or to cold storage .
Presently, breeding area for aquatic animal has been expanded with an improvement made on the Company’s aquatic animal breeding farm located in Tambon KhlongKhone, Samutsongkram province, on a total area of more than 240 rai, to develop the breeding system and standard farm system towards the universal system (GAP) to accommodate increased consumption of fish meat for healthy life, under good and efficient farm Furthermore, the Company is also a distribution agent for baby shrimps from quality hatcheries according to standard established by the Department of Fisheries, for distribution of baby shrimps to shrimp farmers at the average rate of 40 million baby shrimps per month. And in the future the Company has a plan to develop the Soft Shelled Crabs hatcheries commercially to meet the need of increased consumption demand at the present time